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8 Trello keyboard shortcuts you must learn today to plan & collaborate more efficiently

Fog Creek Software, the makers of Trello, recently announced that their incredibly simple collaboration tool recently hit over 4 million users. Considering Trello was released just under 3 years ago, one thing is clear: The majority of users love simple, intuitive tools that purposely limit the functionality of their tools to avoid unnecessary bloating and complexity.

If you currently use Trello, there is one way you can quickly double your efficiency: shortcuts. Below, we're highlighting the top 8 shortcuts you should definitely learn today to plan your projects and collaborate more efficiently.

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18 Aug 2022

1) Navigate cards

This is the easiest shortcut you will learn - to move from one card to another, simply use your arrow keys:

Here it is in action:

2) Open and close cards

Use the ENTER key to quickly open a card and the ESC key to close it.

Here it is in action:

3) Edit title

To edit the title of a card, simply press T. This will work if you're using the arrow keys to navigate and even if you just hover over a card with your mouse. Rather than clicking on a card and then clicking on its title from the popup, pressing T will load the popup with the title in edit mode immediately. It may not seem like much but it will certainly save you a lot of time in the long run. And of course, after you edit your title, click ENTER to save it and ESC to close the popup.

Here it is in action:

4) Archive a card

Because it's so easy to create cards, we often find ourselves needing to archive multiple cards. To do so quickly, just navigate through the cards using your arrows keys and click C each time you want to archive a card.

Here it is in action:

5) Quick edit mode

Perhaps the most unknown of the shortcuts mentioned so far, clicking on E whilst a card is selected loads a menu which allow you to quickly edit labels, add members, move the story, set a due date and archive the card altogether.

Here it is in action:

6) Move card to adjacent list

To quickly move a card to the list on the right or left, simple use the < and > keys - it's incredibly simple.

Here it is in action:

7) Insert new card

Use the N key to add a new card in the exact position you want. As soon as you click N, a new card will be created under the one selected.

Here it is in action:

Use the / key to quickly search for cards. Trello recently upgraded the search functionality and it now works considerably better than it used to before the update.

Here it is in action:

For the full list of Trello shortcuts, head over to https://trello.com/shortcuts - There are a few more in there that can save you a considerable amount of time if you're a heavy Trello user.

Let us know what you think of Trello's shortcuts in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe (top left) to get notified each time we post a new feature.