Advanced Q&A Webinar Replay 6/18/16

June 13, 2016 by Brian Lenney Click Here to Read/Write Comments

Wednesday June 08, 2016

In this webinar, our founder David Darmanin and others from the Hotjar team discussed things like:

  • "I am keen to learn how to use Hotjar as a service for my clients, as well as cut through the overwhelming amount of data (often too much!) to create a prioritised action plan for optimisation."

  • "How do I detect bot traffic?"

  • "I want to learn about polls and surveys and what makes for an engaging conversation. Any tips?"

  • How do make sense of heatmaps? What do I do with them?"
This webinar is great as David dives deep into conversion rate optimization and how heatmaps can help you tweak and change elements on your site to get more conversions. 

Watch the replay:


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