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Our guide for early-stage SaaS startups is out!

Since launching Hotjar in 2014 and growing it to $10 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 2017, we learned a lot about what it takes to grow an early-stage SaaS company.

So we wrote a guide about it. 

So much content, so little time

The good news is that there is a lot of content available to help people grow their businesses. The bad news is that there is so much content available that knowing where to focus is difficult—always another blog post to read, another podcast to listen to, another webinar to attend. It can feel stressful and overwhelming for startup founders and team members who are strapped for time and trying to run a successful business. 

We decided to put our experience and expertise to good use and create just one comprehensive resource that covers all 
fundamentals and can be used as a reference manual. It's called The Essential Guide to Growing your Early-Stage SaaS Startup, and we release it today.

It contains 8 chapters on topics such as branding, operations, recruitment, pricing, and funding, plus hand-picked 'extra' resources for readers who are hungry for more.


It’s also entirely free to access: in line with our 
decision not to gate content, we don’t ask for email addresses. Interested readers, if they want, can sign up for a dedicated webinar when they get to the bottom of each chapter. 

Enjoy it & please help us spread the word

Whether you are an early-stage Saas startup entrepreneur, founder, team member, or your know someone who is, we hope you enjoy the guide and will help us spread the word. We want it to reach and benefit as many people in SaaS as possible.

Click on the button below to access it, and happy reading! 

Read the guide

PS: a thank-you note from the content team 

We’ll be honest: it was not an easy thing to write. Even more honest: we completely underestimated how much research and work it would need.

We went through 6 drafts and shared them with people in the SaaS space who gave us their honest, sometimes humorous and sometimes brutal feedback on what we needed to add or remove, and why. Our credits page is pretty extensive: we could not have done this without a lot of help. 
Thank you all so much, again. 

Fio (writer & editor) and Louis (strategist) 


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