Announcing Incoming Feedback: Instant visual feedback for your website or app Announcing Incoming Feedback: Instant visual feedback for your website or app

August 22, 2017 by Hotjar team

Surprise, surprise! At Hotjar we love feedback. And we love website feedback even more. And now, we’re excited to share Incoming Feedback with you: a new tool that lets people give you instant visual feedback about your website or app, so you can see exactly what they love and hate about it.

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Contextual, Personal, & Incoming: Why We Created it

The most important part of building for your users is understanding them. But there are a few tripping points with user feedback: sometimes it can be asked for at the wrong time, or not very well, or (worse) received but completely misread.

What’s missing in these cases? Context.

Don’t get us wrong, we love surveys and polls. Take a poll for example: you make first contact, step in to a user’s journey, and ask: ‘Did you find what you were looking for?’. That’s a simple and extremely effective way to get insights at an important point in your funnel.

But what about all the other moments in a user’s journey through your site or app?

We wanted to build a tool your visitors could use to share something the moment they need to—while also supplying the context you need to understand their feedback.

This was the reason for Incoming Feedback: a tool that lets visitors instantly show and tell you about their experience with your website or app.

Find out what your visitors are feeling and why… in seconds.

We knew that a key aspect to making Incoming Feedback a success was speed. In two clicks, a visitor can:

  1. tell you what they are feeling on a scale of ‘Love to Hate’;
  2. type in an optional quick note to share why they feel that way;
  3. highlight a specific element on the page, sent as a screenshot;
  4. share their email address in case you want to follow up.


Measure, drill down, find issues and take action to improve them.

A quick look inside your Incoming Feedback dashboard gives you access to all of your responses and results over time.

Responses dashboard

All of your individual responses live here, in the Responses dashboard. Filter by sentiment, time, and page URL to understand what’s working for your users and what’s not.

Tip: we use the ‘Hate’ filter and target an important page to find opportunities for improvement.

Results dashboard

Think of this as a heart rate monitor for your website or app. The Results dashboard gives you an overall average of your sites’ sentiment score and a breakdown of visitor sentiment over time. Target a specific URL to identify positive or negative behavior trends that may be contained to areas of your website.


Quick, simple, and customizable setup to make Incoming Feedback yours.

An Incoming Feedback widget can be set up in minutes to start collecting valuable insights from your visitors.

Choose the language, position & color of your Incoming Feedback widgets to customise your visitors experience.


Go to Hotjar and try it out

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Incoming Feedback and how you put it to work. Here is what you can do next:

  • Sign in to try out Incoming Feedback for yourself

A special thanks goes out to all the users who tested Incoming Feedback in its beta phase. Your suggestions were invaluable to the development of the tool we’re releasing today. So a big thanks from the entire Hotjar team to all who participated.

P.S. If you would like early access to Hotjar’s latest features & tools make sure to register for our beta program here.


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