Recordings now support scrollable divs, SVG, CSS hover effects and insertRule() Recordings now support scrollable divs, SVG, CSS hover effects and insertRule()

June 28, 2018 by David Darmanin

We have a big update to Hotjar Recordings for you today! Hotjar now replays your visitors’ experiences more accurately – while always respecting their privacy ;)

We’re excited to announce that Hotjar Recordings now support scrolling both horizontally and vertically on all elements (div, input, span, etc.), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images, CSS hover effects, and CSS added via InsertRule(). We’re also working on some exciting future improvements that you’ll be hearing about very soon!

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Scrollable Elements (div, input, span, etc.)

If you have sections of your site where visitors can scroll within specific areas of content (not just the main page), you'll now be able to see the user’s scrolling behavior within these areas within Hotjar Recordings.



SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images

If you use SVG images on your site, they will now be visible in Hotjar recordings including any changes they make during the visit. This means you can get an even clearer idea of how your visitors interact with your pages.


CSS hover effects

Until recently, Hotjar supported hover effects only when these were created using Javascript. With this update, Hotjar Recordings will now also replay hover effects created using native CSS (:hover pseudo-class).



CSS added via InsertRule()

Hotjar Recordings now support the InsertRule() method, which means your page designs will show correctly in Recordings if their CSS styling is dynamically updated through javascript via insertRule().



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 So what’s coming next?

Over the last few months, the Hotjar team has been very busy making critical improvements to Hotjar’s architecture (more on that soon), making sure you can use Hotjar in a GDPR-compliant way, and hiring more engineers to improve Hotjar faster (we now have 30 team members in product and engineering!).


The Hotjar Team at our Summer meet up in Malta

With these large projects completed and new team members joining Hotjar every month, we’re now in a position to dedicate more resources to fixing long-standing issues and improving even further the value Hotjar delivers.

Today’s four updates were heavily requested by Hotjar users – so we thank you for your feedback! Keep it coming :)

More exciting news is on the way soon and happy viewing for now.


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David Darmanin

David is the CEO and founder of Hotjar. Before founding Hotjar, he spent a decade generating hundreds of millions of dollars in growth consulting some of the web’s most sophisticated companies. Founded in 2014, Hotjar is run fully remotely by 70+ team members across 17+ countries and is used on 400,000+ sites worldwide.

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