Saved segments + new filters = precious time saved ⏰ Saved segments + new filters = precious time saved ⏰

March 13, 2019 by Sam Bower

Hotjar Recordings just got a big time-saving update! Advanced filters and the ability to save sets of filters as segments for frequent use will help you find relevant recordings in record time. 




Focus on a specific visitor journey with filter combos

You can now combine multiple page-visited and tag filters to narrow down your recordings list. This allows you to filter recordings of a specific journey on your site, that you would like to optimize.


Watch recordings of visitors who did not do something

You can now filter visitors that did not visit a particular page, or did not perform a certain action/event. This allows you to see where visitors are not achieving your conversion goals and why.



Revisit interesting recordings with saved segments

You can now save sets of recordings filters as segments for regular use. This allows you and your team to have easy access to your most relevant recordings.



Try it out today.

Filter Recordings! 


Or check out this post on how to get the most from session recordings.


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Sam Bower

Product Manager

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