The Hotjar story (part 1) – from idea to 60,000 beta signups in 6 months

January 12, 2016 by David Darmanin
I failed miserably in 2 startups before Hotjar. In both cases we built a product for months before we took it to market and started ‘selling’ it at scale. We thought that a well planned and complete user experience together with a top notch design were critical requirements before launch. We were completely wrong.

Mastering the art of prioritization: how Hotjar decides what to work on next

November 24, 2015 by Robyn-Dale Samuda
Building a killer app is not a simple feat and requires relentless focus on what’s important not only for driving business but making our users happy. Our focus is on what will help them achieve their goals and eradicate pain points - their success is ours. With limited number of resources at hand, how do we build a product that keeps our users happy without getting carried away with projects and features that add very little value? Making the right choice when deciding what to work on next is crucial. A bad decision now could have a huge impact on how quickly you are able to scale or pivot later on. At Hotjar we ask ourselves three simple questions when deciding what we want to focus on: 1. What's our vision? The Hotjar Roadmap Hotjar has a very clear vision - we want to change the way the web is built and improved by democratizing user analytics and feedback.

How we (Hotjar) communicate with our 17,385 users

March 11, 2015 by David Darmanin
With 17,385 users in Hotjar and only a small team to build and support the product, as well as run the company – we quickly realized we have to be smart and efficient in the way we communicate with our users. We're also obsessed about delivering great service. So how do we deliver top notch service with limited resources? Here is the setup we use: The Tools We use 6 key tools to manage communication with our users:
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