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Ecommerce testing ⚡

Best practices: marketers and product or website owners

You don't know if you don't try - Christina Moritz

Christina Moritz, UX Strategy and Research Manager at Crate and Barrel, shares how she used surveys to collect data for her team.

What Christina covers:

  • The importance of using polls and surveys

  • How you can generate new insight from a simple survey

Go fast, but not too fast - Niccolò Gloazzo

Niccolò Gloazzo with Kettle and Fire shares a valuable lesson in customer research and tells us why it’s essential to understand your customer before making changes on your website.

What Niccolò covers:

  • How a small change to Kettle and Fire’s subscription made their churn rate increase

  • Why it’s important to analyze secondary KPIs

  • Why your first step should be to listen to and understand your customers

5 one-liners to help with experimentation - Denise Visser

Denise Visser, Product Manager of Team Experimentation at bol.com, discusses experimentation and how you can convince other members of your team that experiments are important for growth.

What Denise covers:

  • The importance of experimentation

  • What the goal of every experiment should be

  • Five different conversation styles to help you convey the importance of testing