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Last updated Sep 14 2020

⚡ Emotional triggers in marketing

2 emotional triggers to test - Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf from GetUplift explains the role emotions play in people's buying habits—and how to use this knowledge to apply the right marketing triggers.
What Talia covers:

  • How knowing your customers' emotional triggers can help you create better, higher-converting pages
  • Social image and self image as emotional triggers
  • The "Have a / Become a [solution] you can [desirable self-image]" formula
  • The "The only [solution[ made exclusively to the [most desirable social image outcome]" formula

Click below to read the transcript.


Okay. So to understand why emotional triggers are important, we have to dig into how people make decisions to purchase.

Most of us think that this is how people buy. When we have to make a decision, we think about the pros, the cons, and make a rational decision.

But this isn't how people make decisions. This is. Every single decision we make in life is based on emotions. In fact, Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist ran an experiment a couple of years ago on people with brain damage. Now, the brain damage that they had is that they couldn't feel any emotion. Antonio Demasio found out that people that do not feel emotion cannot make decisions. Everything is based on emotion.

And that's why when I do conversion optimization, I always focus on those emotional triggers. Why are people buying? What are the emotions they're feeling? How do they want to feel after finding a solution? And once I know the answers to this, it's so much easier to write high-converting copy, choose the right images for products and for your homepage.

Now today in this lightning round, I'm gonna cover two potential emotional triggers you can test.

Trigger number one, Social Image, everything to do with how the world perceives us. We are social creatures, and we want to know that other people feel about us, think about us, perceive us in certain ways. This isn't to say that everyone in the world is impacted by how other people feel about them but most of us are. So the idea of Social Image is tapping into how our prospects want others to think about them, how we want to be perceived by their surroundings and their environment.

Now along with Social Image comes Self Image. How I feel about myself. Many times we purchase things in order to feel better about ourselves. Some people will get gym memberships and never go. Some people may buy a ton of books that they'll never read. Most of our purchases are about becoming something that we want to be, this ideal that we have in our brain of how and who we want to be.

And what I want to do right now, is to introduce you to Two Headline Four Minutes. Headlines that you can write for your homepage, for your category page, for product page, and even throughout the checkout page. The idea is that you use the template to write your copy and insert the different types of Social Image and Self Image and test them to see if it resonates better with your prospects and if it leads to more sales.

Formula number one is about self image. "Have a / Become a [solution] you can [desirable self-image]". Let me show you an example, for natural toothpaste product. Having daily routines, you can be proud of. For daily meal prep service. Have a home cooked meal that makes you smile and healthy. So you can get daily meals delivered to your house that make you feel confident that make you feel healthy and smile every single time. So all of this is about ourself image, about how we feel, we're going to smile. We're gonna feel healthy. For wearable device. Have a wearable device that empowers you and your confidence. So for example, if this is an app that monitors how you sleep or how you breathe or how you work out, it gives you the insights that you need. So you can use this device to empower you, your decisions and your confidence. All these three different examples are especially focused on making people feel good about themselves.

And lastly, Formula number two. "The only [solution[ made exclusively to the [most desirable social image outcome]". So let me show you an example. For jewelry. The only handcrafted jewelry made exclusively to make a statement. So the solution is handcrafted jewelry made exclusively to make a statement. That is the social image outcome. For apparel. The only clothing made exclusively to turn heads and keep you comfortable. This is something about the clothing. So that's what they're offering, T-shirts, tops. Made exclusively to turn heads, so that's a social image outcome. People are going to be turning their heads to see, "Well, who is this person?" "What are they wearing?" "Where is it from?" And keep you comfortable. So it's another actually self image thing, which makes you feel good, 'cause you have still comfortable. And online courses. The only online training program to make you the most sought after expert in your industry.

So no matter what type of product you're selling, what type of eCommerce store you have, I urge you to try emotional triggers. I have identified over 223 different emotions, and there are plenty to test, but if you want to get started and just test the bulges and see what can affect your prospects decisions. Try these two formulas and these two specific emotional triggers.