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"If you really can’t figure out why your visitors are leaving or bouncing, Hotjar polls is just a very direct way to ask them."
Eric Peters
Growth Marketer,
Hubspot Academy

Question types & bank

Ask short or long open-ended questions, have quick yes or no answers or rating scales, and collect emails for validation. If you don’t know what to start asking, Hotjar helps you get inspiration from our drag and drop question bank. You can also get some inspiration from this website feedback article.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score helps you measure & improve the percentage of your users who refer you to their friends. This will help you discover the elements that are driving people to your site so you can improve upon them to delight more users and convert more visitors


Event & logic

If you want to limit your questions to specific visitors on your website, it’s easy to add time and event-based targeting. Thanks to Hotjar’s question logic you can ask follow up questions based on your visitor’s initial answers which help you get better and more relevant insights.


Customizable widget

Polls can be customized by position and colour to match your brand.


Visual responses

Get an instant feel for answers to open-ended questions with word maps and quickly quantify selected responses through visual graphs.

Over 300K polls have been created


Set it up in just a few clicks

Name your Poll

Pick a name you and your colleagues can easily find later on.

Select targeting

You can select specific devices and pages you want your poll to appear on.

Type or choose your questions

Pick from our question bank or ask your own.

Customize appearance

Change the color, position, and theme of your poll.

Choose behavior

Decide when you want to show your poll to your visitors. This could be when they’re about to leave a page, or after scrolling a certain height of your page.

Activate your poll

Review everything and you’re ready to go 👍

Visualize your website or app's visitor engagement

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