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Chapter 3: how to find product-market fit

Best practices: marketers and product or website owners

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21 Jan 2022
"You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I was scared of randomly ringing people up or asking for an introduction. You might need to be cheeky, and pushy, and not afraid to ask, and that was a real hurdle I had to overcome as well in the early stages, having that confidence when no one knows who you are. But honestly, when you ask, 9 times out of 10 people are really flattered that you want to ask them and that you value their opinion. So, I think the advice is just to go for it and get stuck in."
Hannah Chaplin
Co-Founder at Receptive
"You want to have customers who pay you because they value what you’re doing; anything else is going to lead you away from where you want to go. Product market fit works in both directions: don’t just accept anybody that comes your way, learn to say "No” to prospective customers who don’t fit your vision and values."
Ryan Singer
Product Strategist, Basecamp

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