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Hotjar is more than just recordings. 
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Product managers, UX designers, and analysts use recordings to...

  • Identify problematic sessions or feedback

  • Understand bugs/issues as the user is experiencing them

  • Analyze behavior in important user cohorts

  • Convince stakeholders of improvement plans with real, visual experience evidence

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Find problems

Shows you where visitors are struggling in your product.


Filter with your own data

Focus your analysis on behaviors of only your important cohorts.

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Share evidence to convince
 stakeholders of product changes.

More than just recordings...


Recordings are one of 4 tools inside Hotjar that show what your users really need, so you know what work you need to do, and can convince others it’s a priority. See what visitors actually do on your website and where they get confused or stuck, and get their in-the-moment feedback to improve the experience.

When you create a Hotjar account, all 4 tools are immediately available to you.

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