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Frequently asked questions:

A single tracking code allows you to collect data from your visitors and send it back to Hotjar. Installation involves copy and pasting your unique Tracking Code within the site you would like to track. We’ve created guides to help you install the Tracking Code on various platforms that you can find here.

Hotjar for agencies allows you to control your spend since you are charged on a 'per client' basis. Think of it as a 'pick and mix' approach. You set the plan and pageview to collect data from, for each client individually. You can downgrade and upgrade your client plans at any time directly from your account. If you would rather have your clients manage and pay for Hotjar, just invite them to set up their own account and you receive instant access.

Yes you can invite your clients to only access data within their organization in Hotjar. Your clients will not be able to access any other data in your account. Always make sure that each client is set up with their own organization.

There are two ways you can use Hotjar on your clients' sites. You can invite your clients to set up their own account (they will manage and pay for themselves) while you get instant access to their data and reports. Alternatively, you can manage and pay for your clients' accounts by adding them directly to your own account as separate 'organizations'. In this case, you pay a discounted price for each client organization you add. Here's an example that makes it easier to understand.

That is entirely up to you. You can choose to pay and manage the account for your clients or you can invite them to setup and manage their own account while instantly granting you access.

You can replace the Hotjar logo within the admin interface with your own organization logo. Any client using the Hotjar Business plan can also remove the Hotjar logo from all polls, surveys and recruiters.

Hotjar was built with agencies and consultants in mind. Amongst other things, this means you can setup and manage an unlimited amount of clients.

No, you don't. The first plan you add to your account can be a clients, just remember that the agency rates will only apply from the second plan you add to your account.

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