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We’re Protecting You And Your Users With More Secure Recordings

We recently published a blog post about our commitment to privacy. As a Hotjar co-founder and Director of Engineering, I am following up with this technical explanation of the changes we made to our recordings so they are more secure and privacy-centric for you and your website visitors.

How do recordings work?

When visitor sessions are recorded,...

16 October 2017

Visitor Recordings improvement: CSS storage

Your website probably changes quite a few times throughout the year, and we want to make sure that Hotjar Visitor Recordings keep up with it. So we just...

5 October 2017

Hotjar’s Mobile App is coming soon

We’re excited to announce that we’re just weeks away from officially releasing the Hotjar mobile app (beta)! 

Today, we’re accepting requests for beta access,...

27 September 2017

Tracking your NPS over time just got easier

At Hotjar, we love using NPS (Net Promoter Score) to track what users and customers think of our brand and product. So naturally, we’re excited to announce an...

22 August 2017

Announcing Incoming Feedback: Instant visual feedback for your website or app

Surprise, surprise! At Hotjar we love feedback, so much so that we built Polls, Surveys and Recruiters to help you collect and action it. And now, we’re...

6 June 2017

Introducing the new Optimizely X integration

This week we have two updates for you: we just released our newest and much anticipated Optimizely X integration with Hotjar recordings. Let’s dive in!


18 May 2017

New Segment integration

Today we want to let you know that Hotjar is now integrated with Segment. This has been one of our more highly requested integrations, so we’re excited to...


Meet Marc

He heads up our product team at Hotjar and is responsible for setting up our product roadmap.

Like us all he takes your feedback very seriously into consideration when planning what we build next.

Got an idea for a product update you want Marc to consider?

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5 April 2017

Introducing the new NPS timeline

Today we're excited to announce a new timeline feature for our NPS polls, which helps you visualize your NPS performance over a 30-day window. 

If you want to...

21 December 2016

Support for SPA is coming

To close out 2016, we’re crossing off some final items on our to-do list. Let’s get right into it.

Support for Single-page Apps (Beta access January 2nd)


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