Last updated Jan 08 2020

How to set up session recordings and record website visitors

Setting up session recordings takes just a couple of minutes when you have specific recordings software to collect the data for you. If you decide to give it a try with Hotjar, you’ll be in good company—between April 2018 and 2019, we collected 729,003,602 recordings for our customers and users!

Start session recordings on your website

Sign up for a free Hotjar account, add the tracking code to your site and start using session recordings today.


Record website visitors in 4 steps

After you sign up for Hotjar and install your tracking code, go to the main Hotjar dashboard and select “Recordings” from the left sidebar menu.

Step 1: click the “Record Visitors” button


Step 2: set the number of Recordings to generate


The maximum number of recordings per snapshot depends on your plan. Recordings will stop being collected once the number you select has been reached (but you can re-start the recordings again if required).

Step 3: choose a target page or trigger


Step 4: configure your Recording Options


Recording options help you specify when Recordings will be collected. You can set recordings to activate only when click and scroll activity is detected, only for sessions of 30 seconds and longer, and to record keystroke data.

An important note about privacy

Hotjar Recordings will only display whitelisted keystrokes in form inputs, though some fields (such as credit card numbers) are always suppressed to protect your visitors; we also have a range of tools for suppressing personally identifiable information outside of forms. Read more about Hotjar’s approach to privacy.

Step 4: hit 'Start Recording' and you’re all set

That’s it: you’re now collecting session recordings! You won’t have to wait long before you can start watching them and finding ways to improve your website.