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What's new in Hotjar

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January 15, 2020

New in Recordings: export lists with metadata

Finding yourself diving deep into your Recordings data to share and analyze insights? If so, we’ve got something new for you. 👇🔎

You can now bulk export lists of Recordings with all their metadata to CSV or XLSX files. Import this data to your spreadsheet apps for easier analysis, collaboration, and sharing.

Analyze data with flexibility 🧮

Crunching your recordings data in a sheet makes for easier organization and analysis. You might want to perform some advanced filtering, cross-reference recordings with session data from other tools like Google Analytics, or build pivot tables from your Recordings insights.

Better overview of your data 🔢

Exports of your Hotjar recordings data add visibility to more aspects than you can see on your Recordings dashboard. Opening up a sheet with your Recordings metadata, you’ll see:

  • the Recording URL
  • whether the recording has been watched or not
  • tags
  • notes
  • whether the user rage-clicked or u-turned
  • whether the user submitted a Net Promoter Score® or Incoming Feedback response.

Share and collaborate 🤜🤛

Recordings data exports provide you easily shareable lists, so you can share relevant Recordings with your team. Just batch up and download useful Recordings you’ve filtered or tagged, or even the whole list of Recordings from your Saved Segments.

For more detail on working with Hotjar data exports, head over to our sharing and exporting guide.

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