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Hotjar makes it easy to go beyond traditional web analytics and understand what users are really doing on your site.

November 15, 2021

We’ve made some changes to our packages

We’ve made some changes to our packages, particularly our free plan - Basic. The first point to note is that our Basic plan is still free. We remain committed to providing a free version of Hotjar for individuals working on their own online project or just starting their business.

Why the changes?

We’ve spoken to our customers and looked at the usage data to understand which features they really need at each stage in their growth. We learned that our Basic plan isn’t providing some features that users do need, and is providing some features that users don’t need at the early stage for which this plan is designed. For Hotjar users, it will now be easier to find the right plan that gives you what you need. For Hotjar, our packages will be better aligned with the value we’re providing at each stage, and we’ll be enabled to add lots more value in the future.

Continuous Capture is now available on all plans

With Continuous Capture, Hotjar automatically and continuously collects data from across your site up to the session allowance on your plan. No more starting or restarting snapshots! Simply open Hotjar and all of your user sessions will be ready and waiting for you to discover and analyze.

  • Continuous Heatmaps allows you to create unlimited heatmaps for every page on your site. You’ll still have access to the existing Manual Heatmaps for now.
  • Continuous Recordings brings an end to the current limit of 300 recordings on Basic - no more deleting old recordings to make way for new ones!
  • Continuous Capture has been automatically enabled on sites that currently have an active snapshot in Heatmaps or Recordings. If you’re not currently collecting data with Hotjar, your Admin will just need to enable “session capture” in your site settings.

Highlights is now available on all plans

Highlights is the new way to snip, save, share, and analyze your most important insights. With all of your meaningful insights organized in one place, you can easily discover opportunities, validate assumptions, and get buy-in. Highlights was added to all plans a few weeks back and has now been added to Basic.

Favorites and manual tags in recordings have been replaced by Highlights on all plans

Highlights does a much better job of sorting recordings than the old methods of manually tagging and favoriting. You now have the option to save snippets of recordings as highlights (instead of favoriting), and add labels or comments to the recording highlight (instead of a manual tag). Learn how to use Highlights instead of favorites and manual tags.

Advanced segments and filters in Recordings are now only available on Plus and above

Segments and filters for things like ‘Visited URL’ or ‘Country’ are no longer available on Basic. These will now become available on our Plus plan, which is designed for larger sites where more traffic is captured and the need to segment and filter really kicks in. On Basic, you can still sort your recordings by all of the existing columns and use Highlights to sort, filter, share, and download your important recordings insights. Learn more about recordings filters and how to use Highlights.

Color customization options in Surveys and Incoming Feedback are now only available on Business and above.

These features are generally only used on larger, business sites where custom branding becomes important. If you have any existing widgets where the background or button color is customized, these won’t change. Learn more about Incoming Feedback and Surveys.

We appreciate that this is a lot of change all at once, but we encourage you to try the new features. If you’re concerned that a feature you really need is no longer available on your current plan, please check out our plans to find the one that works for you.

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November 12, 2021

Easily share insights with download image in Continuous Heatmaps

It’s no secret that telling a compelling story is the key to getting buy-in to your product proposals. For stakeholders to sit up and pay attention, you need to craft a narrative that’s easy to understand and sticks in their minds.

An essential element to telling a story that sticks is backing up your facts and figures with visual insights on user behavior—and our latest update to Continuous Heatmaps can help you do just that.

Now you can download an image of a continuous heatmap—helping you to craft a story that secures alignment and buy-in to your proposals.

Simply click on the download icon in a heatmap report and your JPG will download right away.

We’re working on making it easier for you to sort and share insights with your team, so keep an eye out for some new functionality coming soon.

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November 10, 2021

13 expert-built survey templates to discover more about your users

Surveys are the perfect tool for gathering real user feedback to validate your product assumptions. But for a while now, product teams have been telling us that they simply don’t know what questions to ask their users 🤷. So, we took your feedback onboard and built a bank of pre-populated Survey Templates to help you start capturing user feedback in minutes 😲.

Our directory includes a range of survey templates for you to choose from:

  • 🔎 Product research
  • 🗣️ Product feedback
  • 😍 Customer satisfaction & NPS®
  • 🏃 Churn & abandonment
  • 🕵️ Market research
  • 📈 Lead collection
  • 🚦 Traffic attribution

Get started with a pre-populated survey template

If you’re already a Hotjar customer, all you need to do is open a new survey in Hotjar, click on the Browse templates button, and you’ll be brought to our directory of survey templates. From here, you can select a template you want to use, hit the Get started button, and the survey will populate in your Hotjar account—it’s that easy. 🙌 You can also click on any of the survey template links below to get started even quicker.

Survey templates are customizable, so you can tweak questions, add your own, choose between pop-up, full screen, or external link surveys, or change the color scheme to make it an on-brand experience.

With survey templates, you’ll get a ready-made survey live in your product or site in a matter of minutes, so you can start testing your hypotheses with user feedback, and build confidence in your product ideas. Get started with one of the pre-populated templates below👇👇👇.

Gather eye-opening product feedback

  • Product feedback survey: This template will help you gather feedback on your product, learn how to improve and figure out what users think. It can help you determine if your features are working, if you’ve got any unforeseen bugs, and decide what to build next.

  • Beta feedback survey: This template will help you gather feedback from beta users prior to launch. It can help you prioritize what to build next, discover what beta users dislike, and learn if your product is ready to launch.
  • Pricing plans feedback survey: This template will help find out what buyers love & hate about your pricing plans. You’ll be able to view your plans from your buyers perspective, so you can make changes that balance customer value and business goals.
  • Product market fit survey: This template will help you identify if your product has product-market fit t. You’ll learn about product adoption and differentiators to discover if you’re meeting expectations.

Razorpay used the Product Feedback survey template to improve their product design, and ultimately increase their user experience satisfaction average from 6.2 to 8.7. Get started with the Product Feedback survey.

Product research survey templates

  • User testing survey: This template will help you determine the best questions to incorporate into your user testing process. You’ll understand how your product works, learn if users can complete the actions you want, or spot usability issues and bugs.
  • Demographics survey: This template to give you the low down about your target audience. You’ll learn what your target audience does for a living, how much they make, the industry they work in, and how big their company is.
  • Market research survey: This template will help you understand exactly who your buyers are and what they want. You’ll learn the challenges your product solves, your audiences’ existing tech stack, the features they value, and pain points they have.
  • User persona survey: Using this template you’ll get a clear idea of who your user personas are, so you can improve the experience for them. You’ll learn what their main goal is, the barriers they face, and how they use your product today.

Churn and abandonment survey templates

  • Customer retention survey: Send this survey to customers who have stopped and you’ll learn why customers decided to leave, the percentage of customers who’d consider coming back, how satisfied ex-customers were, and more.
  • Exit intent survey: This template will help you find why customers are abandoning your site. You’ll learn why they decided to leave, what made them stick around, if they had all the information they needed, and more.
  • Churn survey: This template will help you find out why your customers are leaving. You’ll learn the reasons they churned, whether their product experience was good or bad, what made them unhappy, and how your product could be improved.

Customer satisfaction and NPS templates

  • Customer effort core survey: This template will help you quantifiably judge the amount of effort a customer had to exert to use your product or service. You’ll learn your Customer Effort Score, get suggestions on how to reduce effort, and more.
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) / NPS® survey template: This template will help you discover if your customers are satisfied. You’ll learn the challenges your product must solve, your audiences’ tech stack, features they value, and pain points they have.

Check out our survey template directory for our full range of templates, and if you can’t find the template you’re looking for, send in your requests here. Or, if you’ve got a tried and tested template that never fails you, why not send it to us and feature in our directory.

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