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What is user behavior analytics—and why do you need it?

User behavior analytics (UBA) is a method for collecting and combining quantitative and qualitative data about your website visitors to understand how they interact with your product or pages, and why.

User behavior analytics tools help you answer behavioral questions about your visitors and customers that traditional web analytics (think: Google Analytics) can’t do, including:

  • Where on a page they get stuck and struggle before dropping off

  • How they interact with individual page elements and sections 

  • What they are interested in or ignoring 

  • What they actually want from your website or product

Behavior analytics tools that help you see what’s happening

Whether you want to learn how people interact with an individual page or with your entire website ecosystem, behavior tools like heatmaps and session recordings are your go-to solution: 

  • Heatmaps will quickly highlight aggregate behavior on a page so you can see which buttons, CTAs, videos, or other clickable elements people are interacting with, scrolling past, and ignoring

  • Session recordings will show you how people navigate between pages and highlight potential bugs, issues, or pain points they experience across the journey

Behavior analytics tools that help you understand why

Knowing how people interact with your website is a good start, but to level up you’ll want to understand why they are taking the actions they take—and that’s where user feedback tools give you a wealth of extra insight: 

  • On-site surveys placed across your website will help you collect in-the-moment responses from users about what they’re actually looking for 

  • Feedback widgets on specific pages will bring you hyper-targeted visual feedback about what people are loving and hating 

  • Email surveys will let you reach targeted customer segments and investigate their experience in detail

Hotjar’s behavior analytics: an easy way to understand users

Hotjar is easy to get approval for, sign up to, and install. When you create a Hotjar account, several behavior analytics tools are available to you at once, from the same dashboard. 

And if you’re serious about your users’ privacy, with Hotjar you’re in safe hands. We follow a Privacy by Design approach and our behavior analytics software can be used in both GDPR- and CCPA-compliant ways.

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