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+400% ROI within 9 months of using Hotjar

"Hotjar really empowers you to be able to see exactly what your users are doing, how they’re feeling, and ultimately their reactions to the changes you make. Without Hotjar we would still be making decisions based on gut instinct instead of qualitative user feedback."
Karl Rowlands, UX Manager


Hotjar helped Brand24 triple conversions in 12 hours

“Hotjar can give me information without putting my pants on, essentially! We got three times more sign-ups with just a simple tweak. But you have to know what to improve.”
Mike Sadowski
Brand24 CEO & Founder


+87% members after using Hotjar to get a good idea of what users wanted

"After looking at a lot of recordings, heatmaps, and getting feedback from the polls we got a good idea of what our users wanted and moved from around 80K members to now over 150k. Hotjar was a big piece of that redesign."
Sam Mallikarjunan, Principal Marketing Strategist


+150% landing page conversion rates after Hotjar became a part of LearnWorlds' workflow

"We turned to Hotjar Heatmaps and Recordings to see what’s happening—where people scroll and click. Our low conversion rate was due to a simple issue with the landing page design. We were placing the real value too far down, and the first part of the page didn't address their needs, so the people scrolling further down the page were converting more. A quick fix increased our conversion rate from 12% to 30%."
George Palaigeorgiou
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, LearnWorlds

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Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you'll learn how users really behave. Learn more

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