Over 210,000 companies of all sizes use Hotjar to understand their customers better


Take people places

Skyscanner is the world's travel search engine. They use Hotjar to help get people where they want to go faster.

Build software to help companies grow

As the worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales education, HubSpot use Hotjar to build better products.  Read more >


Love making their customers happy

As the UK’s no.1 job portal, Reed.co.uk use Hotjar to constantly improve upon their user experience.

Design for the future

As the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences, Invision uses Hotjar to power theirs.


Meet the people behind the companies


"Seriously loving your product. Big thank you to you and your team."

Grant Simmons VP of Search Marketing

"We tried other expensive tools such as Tealeaf, but Hotjar is the best! For just $89 you get the same UX tools you would otherwise need thousands for!"

Pablo Celsi User Experience Manager

"I am ADDICTED to your tool, FYI. We installed it on inbound.org and it's been amazing for me to get insights already."

Sam Mallikarjunan Head of Marketing

PrestaShop delights shoppers with Hotjar.


AsanaYoga gives their users a calming experience with Hotjar.


Unbounce optimize their landing pages with Hotjar.


"Hotjar is like SurveyMonkey, Crazy Egg and a bunch of other amazing tools at the fraction of a price."

Ved Ristic ASKMEN

"Without Hotjar we would still be making decisions based on gut instinct instead of qualitative user feedback."

Karl Rowlands UX Manager

"Hotjar allows us to see when we get things right but more importantly when we haven't, allowing us to fix things quicker and try again."

kristine Kalnina Product Owner

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