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Hotjar is more than just heatmaps. 
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Marketers, product managers, and UX designers use heatmaps to...

  • Determine why a landing page is not converting

  • Understand what version of a page performs better

  • Prove if a website redesign is working

  • Pair web analytics data with Hotjar insight to see how people actually interact with a page

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Click map

Shows you where visitors are clicking or tapping on a page.

an example of a move map

Move map

Tracks where desktop visitors move their mouse.


Scroll map

Shows how far visitors scroll down a page.

More than just heatmaps...


Heatmaps are one of 4 tools inside Hotjar that reveal what traditional analytics data doesn't tell you. See what visitors actually do on your website and where they get confused or stuck, and get their in-the-moment feedback to improve the experience.

When you create a Hotjar account, all 4 tools are immediately available to you.  

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