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Five ways to improve your site with Hotjar

1.Collect feedback on every page

  • Place a live suggestion box on your site
  • Collect real feedback from actual users
  • Improve every page with changes users want

2.Watch live recordings from real visitors

  • Spot problems, pain points, and bugs
  • Discover where visitors get stuck
  • Build fixes to keep your site stress-free

3.See where user attention drops

  • Analyze scroll depth on every page
  • Make sure viewers reach your CTA
  • Make sure important content is visible

4.Ask visitors what they want

  • Pop-up surveys before visitors leave
  • Ask what's missing from the page
  • Edit the page to keep visitors from bouncing

5.Spot obvious issues with your mobile site

  • Quickly swap between desktop and mobile heatmaps
  • Watch recordings from frustrated mobile visitors
  • Tweak pages to make them mobile-friendly

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