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Hotjar with BigCommerce

Use Hotjar’s BigCommerce integration to optimize your ecommerce site. Get the user-centric insights you need to make better design decisions and boost conversions.

Get direct insights into how users experience and navigate your ecommerce site

Running a successful ecommerce business means staying on top of shifting user needs and constantly optimizing your site’s user experience (UX). 

But how can you get visibility into exactly what your visitors need?

Integrate your BigCommerce site with Hotjar to get in-depth product experience insights—including direct visitor feedback—and make the changes that matter most to your potential customers. 

Benefits of integrating BigCommerce with Hotjar

Get a visual overview of your website stats

Use the Hotjar Dashboard to see key user metrics and stats like your top traffic channels, pages, and console errors. You’ll also see information like your most clicked buttons and rage click trends with graphs and charts.  

Hear user opinions on website updates and features 

Gather raw and relevant feedback about changes to your ecommerce site to gauge user responses before they impact traffic and sales. Hotjar Surveys and Feedback give you direct access to user sentiment by asking visitors about their site experience.

Dig deep into your conversion funnels

Use Hotjar Funnels to understand where users drop off in your sales funnel, see firsthand what blocks visitors from completing their goals, and understand how to redesign your site to better meet their needs. 

Track how users navigate your storefront 

Use Hotjar Recordings to observe how users interact with and experience your site. Then, use Surveys and Feedback to ask them more about what they want, and get granular data to make user-centric decisions. 

Increase CTA conversions 

Use Hotjar Heatmaps to track and analyze which CTAs get the most clicks, and test out your CTA copy and placement to appeal to more visitors and drive conversions.

Reduce cart abandonment rates 

Watch recordings on your site to pinpoint why users get frustrated and exit your checkout page. Then, use these insights to design a more user-friendly checkout experience and reduce areas of friction.

BigCommerce 🤝 Hotjar

Use the BigCommerce-Hotjar integration to get direct insights into how users experience your ecommerce site and optimize it for your customers’ needs. 

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