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Hotjar with Contentsquare

Hotjar’s Contentsquare integration connects Hotjar’s survey responses to Contentsquare’s session replays so you can contextualize user feedback with a single click.

Use the Hotjar and Contentsquare integration to connect the dots between user experience and feedback

The Hotjar and Contentsquare integration helps you easily uncover the behavior behind user feedback. Click through to your Contentsquare session replays from Hotjar’s survey responses to spot issues and reduce assumptions.

Benefits of integrating Hotjar with Contentsquare

Get the full context into user feedback

See where users get stuck and why by watching session replays of survey respondents.

Quantify UX issues

Spotted a bug in a session replay? Launch on-site surveys in Hotjar and jump to session replays to see if it’s a one-off or a serious bug.

Validate your assumptions

Improve user experience effortlessly by asking users the right questions with Surveys and watching session replays of their responses.

Contentsquare 🤝 Hotjar

Bridge the gap between user behavior and feedback with a single click.