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Hotjar with Google Tag Manager

With Hotjar's Google Tag Manager integration, you can quickly and easily set up Hotjar on your website or app and start collecting user insights right away.

Start collecting data right now with Hotjar’s GTM integration

After creating your Hotjar account, you’re one small step away from understanding your users better than ever before. But before Hotjar can begin collecting data, you need to install it on your site.

We created the Hotjar Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration to make it easy for you to set up Hotjar on your site—no coding skills necessary.

Before you start 👉 to benefit from Hotjar’s GTM integration, you need to have GTM installed on your website. Follow these instructions to install GTM.

Benefits of using Hotjar’s GTM integration

Keep using the tools you use daily

If Google Tag Manager is a staple in your tech stack, you can continue using it with Hotjar.

Install Hotjar’s tracking code—fast

With Hotjar’s GTM integration, there’s no need for a developer or external teams to install your Hotjar Tracking Code. It’s easy to install your tracking code yourself to start receiving data from Hotjar immediately.

Keep all your tracking codes in one spot

With Google Tag Manager, you can keep all of your site and product’s tracking codes nice and tidy. Don’t worry about different members of your organization installing more than one tracking code in different places—and potentially skewing your data—because you can see every tracking code installed within GTM.

Easy to troubleshoot

GTM makes it easy to troubleshoot bugs and critical issues. And if you come across any issues you can’t fix on your own, you can quickly forward the bug to the right person to get it resolved faster.

Preview and debug before deploying

Before adding your Hotjar Tracking Code to your product, you can preview and debug right in Google Tag Manager. Be confident that there will be no errors when your code goes live.

It’s secure

Google Tag Manager offers a secure way to add tracking codes. You won’t need to worry that your data collection will be interrupted if someone accidentally deletes your Hotjar Tracking Code on your product’s backend.

Make changes quickly

Hotjar’s GTM integration gives you the power to add your Hotjar Tracking Code to your product the moment you need it, without relying on another team to add it for you. When you have full control over your tracking code, you can run experiments at your own discretion and collect data faster.

It’s free

Integrate Hotjar with Google Tag Manager without paying anything extra.

GTM 🤝 Hotjar

Improve your workflow, spot and resolve critical bugs, and remain in control of your product.

No credit card required