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Hotjar with Linear

Create Linear issues directly from recordings, console errors, highlights, feedback, and survey responses.


The Hotjar and Linear integration allows you to report and investigate bugs before they become a problem. Easily report an issue once you spot it in a recording, survey, or feedback response, and give developers all the context they need to reproduce and prioritize a fix.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Linear issue from a recording in Hotjar. It’ll automatically include a link to your recording for quick access—and quicker fixes.

  • Create a Linear issue from a console error in recordings. As well as a link to the recording, your engineers will have all the background they need to understand what’s happening under the hood.

  • Create a Linear issue from a heatmap or recording highlight. Triage issues fast with a link to the highlight as well as session and heatmap details, and the associated label.

  • Create a Linear issue from a feedback or survey response. Your team can view the full response, the URL where the user left the feedback, and a link to the corresponding recording if it’s available.

Key benefits

Speed up bug reporting

Spot a bug in recordings or console error? Or did a user tell you about an issue in their feedback or survey response? Quickly report it by creating a Linear issue directly from Hotjar.

Resolve issues and ship faster

Give developers the insight they need to reproduce and resolve bugs faster with recording links, console errors, and responses automatically added to Linear issues.

Prioritize development efforts

With direct insights from users and actual session data, development teams can prioritize which bugs or improvements need attention first for greater impact.

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Report and resolve issues faster with the Hotjar and Linear integration

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