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Hotjar with Zapier

Hotjar’s Zapier integration connects you to more than 3,000 apps, bringing user insights into your workflow, so you can quickly improve your product or website.

Use Hotjar’s Zapier integration to streamline workflows and reach user goals

Hotjar gives you valuable insights—with in-context Feedback tools, Session Recordings, and more—to help you understand your users' website or product experience (PX).

But how do you organize these learnings to optimize your user experience (UX)?

The Hotjar-Zapier integration lets you tap into the power of user insights by connecting Hotjar with apps you already use—Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Miro, and thousands more—to save you time by automating manual workflows, like sorting feedback or organizing and sharing insights, so your team can focus on making decisions based on user needs. 

Benefits of integrating Zapier with Hotjar

Organize and action user insights

Using Hotjar with Zapier seamlessly connects your user insights with tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, and Miro, so you can quickly organize data and use it to make decisions and drive results.

Improve communication with stakeholders

Sending Hotjar data to tools like Google Sheets or Excel lets you create a range of attractive, easy-to-understand charts and graphs. You’ll be able to spot patterns in user behavior, communicate them effectively to stakeholders, and get buy-in on your plans to improve the user experience.

Automate workflows and save time on everyday tasks

Create Zaps that combine triggers and actions to automate processes and save time collating and analyzing data. For example, adding a new row in Google Sheets whenever Hotjar generates a new Recording.

Put user feedback at the heart of team decision-making

Automatically add positive and negative feedback to a collaboration tool like Miro. So instead of collecting user data that doesn’t get used, you’ll get teams working together to prioritize critical user issues.

Increase conversion rates

Automatically create Trello cards for new survey responses or direct feedback on your highest value web pages. Group feedback by theme into separate columns for a clear picture of what needs to be improved to increase conversions.

Motivate your team

Give your team an easy way to get a pulse on how users are really feeling by sending feedback, survey responses, and recordings into a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel. This helps your team spot trends and bugs, quickly! 

Zapier 🤝 Hotjar

Get more out of user insights and build a seamless workflow with the Hotjar-Zapier integration.

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