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Measure your customers’ loyalty and grow your business with NPS®

Set up an NPS survey on your website or email one to your customers, find out how likely they are to recommend you, and improve their experience and your bottom line.

From startups to Fortune 500 - over 900,000 websites in 180+ countries use Hotjar

What is NPS software?

NPS software is a tool that is installed on a website to collect NPS feedback from customers at periodic intervals. The software also helps store NPS results, track changes and fluctuations in the score, and get insightful feedback from customers on what needs to be improved.

One metric, plenty of insight

A Net Promoter Score survey helps you measure the percentage of customers who refer you to their friends and discover why they love your site and/or product, so you can improve them to delight more people and convert more visitors.

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Survey types & questions

Send a questionnaire via email to collect in-depth information, or use an on-page survey to ask users how likely they are to recommend you on an NPS scale from 0 to 10.

With an NPS tool like Hotjar, you can also ask follow-up questions based on your visitor’s initial answers, which helps you get better and more relevant insights.

Visual responses

See whether your NPS is trending up or down in real time, and observe trends over a set window of time. In Hotjar, you can toggle between the ‘Last 30 days’, ‘Last 90 days’, ‘Last 180 days’ or ‘Last 12 months’ settings to get a wider look at how your NPS is trending.

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