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Audit by Chérie

Audit by Chérie

Headquarters location:

North America

Partner since:

Mar, 2024


Audit by Chérie, led by Chérie Oduwole, provides personalized website optimization audits for B2C businesses. Specializing in user experience, design, copy, and SEO, Chérie offers detailed insights and actionable recommendations to improve website performance and boost conversions. In addition to comprehensive audits, Audit by Chérie also provides technical assistance, including app/software setups and troubleshooting. Clients benefit from jargon-free communication and tailored solutions, working directly with Chérie to achieve their online goals efficiently and effectively.


Analytics and Data Analysis, Website Design and Development, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


All Regions



Platforms supported:

All Platforms


Any budget