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5,750 product managers discover insights in Hotjar every week

Here’s what other product managers do with Hotjar

Make the right changes with reliable insights from actual users

Without Hotjar ❌

  • Roadmaps are built on hunches

  • The boss gets the final say on what to build

  • You’re unsure if shipped features had an impact

With Hotjar ✅

  • Prioritize what to build with reliable user feedback

  • Get buy-in for your ideas with compelling evidence

  • Compare engagement pre & post-launch

Product managers hitting their targets with Hotjar

1. Andrew increased conversions for his product by 3x with insights from Heatmaps and Recordings.

With Hotjar... our conversion rate went from 0.5% to 1.6% for visitors making a payment in just one month.

Andrew Haehn,

Operations Director at Materials Market


2. Luke spends just eight minutes a day watching Recordings and fixes one bug a week.

I open up Recordings to watch people using the new feature. Immediately I’ll spot things I wasn’t expecting.

Luke Calton,

Product Lead at Hussle

Luke Calton Headshot.jpeg

3. Brett doesn’t rely on gut instinct. He analyzes behavior from 7 million users to validate his ideas.

Hotjar helps us understand our customers, their engagement, and their journey.

Brett Orr,

Lead Product Owner at Reed


Okay, but how does Hotjar actually work?

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Here's how it works


  • Visualize user behavior

    Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you'll learn how users really behave.

  • See what users see

    Recordings are live playbacks of users on your site. Watch full recordings of each visit including the clicks, mouse movements, U-turns, and rage clicks.


  • Get feedback with context

    A real-time suggestion box on your site, Incoming Feedback lets users express frustration or delight about individual parts of your site, right down not the page, form, or image they're looking at.

  • Hear from users

    Surveys bring voice-of-customer to your decision-making. Gathering evidence for a new product or feature? Use a targeted Survey to validate your ideas and better understand your users.

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