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Solutions / For Product Managers

Truly understand your users with Hotjar

See how people experience your product, figure out the changes they need most, and get buy-in for your ideas. Fast.

Solutions / For Product Managers

Truly understand your users with Hotjar

See how people experience your product, figure out the changes they need most, and get buy-in for your ideas. Fast.

5,750 product managers discover insights in Hotjar every week

56,549 users signed up last month

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Reduce assumptions and validate ideas

Understand how users truly behave in your product with unbiased reliable data. Stop guessing and build product features that are guaranteed to help your users.

"Rather than guess what's needed, we watch session recordings to build what's right for the users."
Luke Calton
Product Lead, Hussle

Maximize your new feature's potential

Stress test the usability of new features and functionality with your users. Identify usability issues or bugs off the bat and make data-driven decisions before they impact your users.

“We got much closer to users than we have ever been able to before. The insights gathered continually help us better understand their needs and create experiences that truly help them achieve their goals.”
Mark Jones
UX Lead, Silentnight

Spot opportunities to hit business goals

Prioritize your roadmap with eye-opening insights about your users' experience. Grow usage and keep customers hooked with the new features that resonate.

"Hotjar helps us empathize with users and confirms that our work is having a positive impact."
Juan Fernandez
Head of Product, Audiense

Make better decisions and prioritize effectively

Test your hypotheses and prototypes with real users before you invest in building something new.

“Engage allowed us to make user testing a habit and a truly fun thing to do by taking care of the painful parts. Engage repeatedly connected me with people with just the right background, allowing us to focus solely on testing.”
Peter Gyongyosi
Product manager, One Identity

Spot issues before it's too late

Troubleshoot issues by seeing a user's negative experience through their eyes. Help your team understand the problem and prioritize fixes, fast.

"We made a lot of corrections quickly. Without Hotjar I don't think we would have a clue what was going on."
Jon Kern
Strategic Products, Intelliquip

Get buy-in for your next big idea

Create a compelling case for what needs to be built, with real insights about your user's experience.

"Hotjar is key in how I communicate product insight. It shows senior stakeholders what's really happening on the site."
Heaven Schydlowsky
Digital Product Manager, Jenni Kayne

Here's how it works


Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you'll learn how users really behave. Learn more

New AI features

Hitting targets with Hotjar

Increase conversion

Andrew increased conversions on his site by 3x with insights from heatmaps and recordings.

"With Hotjar... our conversion rate went from 0.5% to 1.6% for visitors making a payment in just one month."
Andrew Haehn
Operations Director, Materials Market

Hitting targets with Hotjar

Spot and fix bugs

Luke spends just eight minutes a day watching Recordings and fixes one bug a week.

"I open up Recordings to watch people using the new feature. Immediately I'll spot things I wasn't expecting."
Luke Calton
Product Lead, Hussle

Hitting targets with Hotjar

Validate ideas

Brett doesn’t rely on gut instinct. He analyzes behavior from 7 million users to validate his ideas.

"Hotjar helps us understand our customers, their engagement, and their journey."
Brett Orr
Lead Product Owner, Reed

Build a better product experience with Hotjar

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56,549 users signed up last month

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