Learn where and why users drop off

Visualize your conversion flows—and the real user behavior behind it—at every step with Funnels.

Get a full overview of your funnel and see where most users drop off.

Trusted by 1,148,546 websites in 180+ countries

Uncover conversion blockers

Check recordings of your lowest-converting steps to uncover UX issues.

Size up issues easily

Spotted an unexpected bug in a recording? Funnels shows you if it’s a real problem or just a one-off.

Optimize with confidence

Learn from your highest-converting flows which tactics work best—then double down on them.

Become a conversion-rate connoisseur

Funnels is available on the Observe Scale plan. Talk to our Sales team to unlock Funnels today.

Measure conversion rates at every step

See where and why users drop off

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GDPR- & CCPA-ready

Four tools available on every Hotjar plan

Combine the Funnels with Hotjar’s four main tools for the best experience.


A few more reasons to use Hotjar’s Funnels

Start fast

No need to be an expert. Create funnels quickly and easily.

Go beyond page visits

Use the clicked element filter and custom events to build funnels.

Get granular

Apply funnel-level filters like country or referrer URL.

Personalize your insights

Filter by specific events and user attributes like average order value.

Stop switching tools

See your quantitative and qualitative data in one place.

View conversion time

See the average time it takes your users to check out.