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“I clearly remember doing a presentation for my boss’s boss. I showed him a Hotjar Recording of a live user session. In it, you could see the user’s frustration—they were moving their mouse wildly and clicking and nothing was happening. Being able to give that outside perspective was great.”
Dave Powell
Grew conversion rate by 49%
“Every time I make a significant change on my site I jump into Recordings. Numbers might reveal if something has gone wrong, but Recordings will tell me why.”
Gavin Bell
Increased sales by 40%
“With Hotjar Recordings, I saw that people were getting confused. These are problems that I might not have considered—but Hotjar doesn’t lie. I could see that these customers were struggling.”
Andrew Haehn
Increased conversion rate by 3x
“My favorite tool is the Recordings. They provide such an amazing behind-the-scenes look at your website visitors and how they consume your content.”
Steve James
Grew revenue by $120,000
“One day we noticed a huge drop in conversions from our signup page. Using Recordings, we discovered that the autocomplete feature was broken, so we fixed it and conversions went back up immediately.”
Juan Fernandez
Solved a business crucial bug in minutes
“Our developers don't talk to customers. Showing them Hotjar Recordings of user sessions makes them empathetic when our users stumble.”
Stephen Ippolito
+50 hours saved when solving bugs
“Hotjar really empowers you to see exactly what your users are doing, how they’re feeling and ultimately their reactions to the changes you make.”
Karl Rowlands
Got a 400% ROI

The complete guide to recordings

A complete guide to website recordings with chapters about getting started, case studies, practical examples, and FAQs.