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User testing with Session Recordings

Your website's interface should be straightforward and easy to use, and usability testing is an essential step in getting there.

One of the easiest ways to get started with user testing is through Session Recordings, which help you identify usability issues with your site by just watching real people interact with your site pages and elements. They require little setup and are a simple way to start improving the functionality and effectiveness of your website.


Record the actions of real users

With Hotjar Recordings, you can see the actions that real people take on your website such as mouse clicks, movement, and scrolling.

Spot major problems with your site's intended functionality, watch how people interact with page elements like menus and calls-to-action, and see places where they stumble, u-turn (go back to a previous page quickly after landing on a new one), or completely leave.


Quickly find user behavior insights

No need to manually search through a large list of Recordings. Hotjar’s filters help you narrow down your selection and find the ones you must watch first.

Focus on people who came from a certain referral source, used a mobile device, or clicked repeatedly on a page element, so you can perform the user testing analysis you need.

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