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Product-led growth: a guide for marketing and product teams

Product-led growth (PLG) is a hot topic in SaaS right now. Multiple high-profile success stories mean many companies are either exploring PLG or have it on their roadmap.

Last updated

24 Aug 2023

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1 min


But what exactly is PLG? Where do you start? And, most importantly, how do you make it a success? This live event is all about answering those questions.

Andrei Beno, Director of Product, and Andy Davis, Director of Growth Marketing from Hotjar, share their PLG experiences in this interactive session that will help demystify PLG, align your teams, and ignite your growth engine.

Walk away from this event understanding: 

  • What PLG is and the latest trends you need to know

  • How PLG influences your channel choice and how you go-to-market

  • How to leverage PLG beyond Freemium

  • Tips on how to align marketing and product teams around the same goals

  • How to layer in product-led sales to go upmarket, better serve new audience segments, and increase revenue

  • Practical ideas you can implement right away 

Access the slides and resources from the event below: