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Achieving demo request goals in 2024: best practices

Do you want to know how your demo request form is converting?

Last updated

6 Feb 2024

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1 min


Join our webinar on March 7 with Chili Piper's Head of Demand Generation Tara Robertson and Hotjar's Sales Lead Ben Hunt to find out how your demo conversion rate stacks up—from completed forms to qualified meetings held.

Walk away from this event understanding:

  • What are the metrics B2B marketers should track in their inbound funnel?

  • What metrics should your sales team actually care about?

  • What are the average conversion rates in your industry?

  • How to improve your conversion rates down the funnel

  • How sales can improve show and opportunity conversion rates

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About the speakers

Tara Robertson is a B2B marketer with over 10 years experience in various marketing roles. As the Head of Demand Generation at Chili Piper, she also hosts their podcast Demand Gen Chat and writes their newsletter The Sauce. Tara is powered by pizza and negronis. Connect with Tara on LinkedIn.

Ben Hunt has 8 years of experience working in SaaS sales across various AE, SDR, and leadership roles. Currently, Ben leads a team of Account Executives for Hotjar, focusing on driving sales team performance and always looking to enhance the buyer experience. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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Secure your spot now for this live session with Tara and Ben. You'll walk away with a better understanding on how your demo request form is converting.  See you on March 7 at 12 am EST / 6 pm CET.