Do you really know what’s happening on your website?

Traditional web analytics tools help you track and analyze traffic data. But numbers and graphs alone can’t tell you what’s happening from the perspective of your users — Hotjar will.
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3 questions traditional web analytics can’t answer...

Hotjar is the #1 user feedback & behavior analytics platform for Marketers, Product Managers, and UX Designers who have questions that traditional web analytics can’t answer, such as:

Hotjar is the perfect complement to your web analytics tool

Here's how it works


Visualize behavior – Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.


See what your users see – Eliminate guesswork with Recordings of real visitor behavior on your site. By seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly.

Conversion Funnels

Where are your visitors dropping off? Find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site.

Incoming Feedback

Instant visual feedback – Give your visitors an easy way to leave instant visual feedback on your website or app. See what people love and hate, identify issues, and find opportunities for growth.

Feedback Polls

Understand the reasons behind behavior – Improving the performance and experience of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what's preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site.


Get to know your audience better – Build your own responsive surveys using an easy editor. Collect responses in real-time from any device. Distribute your surveys using web links, emails or invite your visitors just before they abandon your site to uncover their objections or concerns.

Now, you may be wondering…

Absolutely: from the very beginning, Hotjar has been built on anonymous insights and not on personal data. We support user privacy and anonymity and are fully committed to compliance with the GDPR.

“My concern was around user privacy, what is/isn’t revealed, and how that kind of data is stored. I was happy to see that Hotjar had options for suppressing things like credit card numbers, so I reassured the client that in addition to suppressing keystroke data with a single click, we could apply this same treatment to specific elements of their webpage as needed.”

Jeff Bronson, Owner, E-Commerce Warriors

The basic version of Hotjar is free forever. There is no contract to sign, and you can upgrade or downgrade between different plans any time directly from your account. It’s also really straightforward to use, meaning that you won’t need costly training for yourself or your team.

“A lot of tools try to sell you on the low price, but they ‘forget’ to tell that implementing can cost more, in time and money, than most people think. Hotjar was easy to implement, and it offered tremendous value for a great price.”

Gregor Doornbosch, UX Designer, CCV .

That’s a valid concern! We take site performance very seriously and do everything in our power to optimize everything in the process. Hotjar's script, like most scripts and other tracking solutions, will have an almost negligible effect on your site's speed and performance.

“Our only concern was the impact the code would have on the overall page load speed. So we checked the load speed using the network tab from the browser's Inspect Element tool to see the load time, and also the Page Speed insights from Google. It all turned out to be ok.”

Gabriela Popa, Content Marketing Specialist, Bannersnack .

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Fast to install,
simple to use

We started using Hotjar a while back. We tried it for free and liked it, so we purchased it. Today, we find that onboarding new employees with Hotjar is easier than any of the other analytics tools we use.

Saurabh Soni,
Product Manager at RazorPay


Highly visual and
really shows you
what’s happening


Great value
for money

He would not be as successful as a Product team without Hotjar. The value we receive far exceeds the price we pay per month. It’s a tool we use for not only UX, but for support, marketing initiatives, surveys, customer interviews, product decisions, presentations to our sales team, and communication to our entire company on how people use our product.

Stephen Ippolito,
Product Manager at The Marlin Company

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