StudentCrowd is a platform developed for university students in the UK to review just about anything, from the university, courses, accommodation, and even part-time jobs.


How StudentCrowd Increased Conversions by 55% in Only 2 Hours.

As COO & Founder of StudentCrowd, Paul Humphreys reviews form conversion rates as one of their key performance metrics that is evaluated weekly.


For several months conversions were increasing by upwards of .5% - 1% monthly. To achieve these rates they were using several tools including Google Analytics, Heatmap Software, a User Experience Agency, and several focus groups at universities. While Paul was glad to see his key metric increasing month over month, he also was looking for a solution that would cost less and provide higher results.

How Hotjar Helped

Paul was introduced to Hotjar during the Beta release and was immediately intrigued. Implementation took only 5 minutes, and the team at StudentCrowd began reviewing session replays within seconds. They proceeded to watch every video, successful reviews, half completed reviews, and reviews that never were started.

Hotjar Recording

3 problems were identified immediately:

  1. Students were spending over 10 seconds scrolling through universities on mobile.
  2. Students significantly struggled to answer 2 parts of the review criteria.
  3. On certain mobile devices, the [Submit Review] button was not visible.


The total time from identifying these issues to pushing the fixes live was less than 2 hours.

We wouldn't have been able to identify the problem and fix it so quickly without Hotjar.

Paul Humphreys
COO & Founder


These small changes brought about a dramatic improvement. The review form starting converting at 15%, which was a 55% increase!!


The Key Takeaway

Small iterations can make massive improvements. This example showcases how making changes based on data doesn't need to take countless hours and significant budget. With only 2 hours of work Paul and his team were able to sky rocket their results well above what they were previously seeing.

Our thumbs up to StudentCrowd!

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