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Hotjar API

Hotjar API

Use the Hotjar API to automatically export survey responses to your tools and automate user lookup and deletion requests.

Automate processes and save time with the Hotjar API

The Hotjar API opens up new ways to automate processes and export data to your tools, so you can spend less time manually exporting, uploading, and requesting data—and more time focusing on impactful work.

Use the Hotjar API to automatically:

  • Export survey responses to your tools. Analyze data at scale and discover insights quicker with the Response API. (Available on Ask Scale plans.)

  • Perform user lookup and deletion requests. Automate your GDPR and user privacy obligations with the User lookup API. (Available on Observe & Ask Scale plans.)

This is the beginning of the Hotjar API—our vision is to continue opening Hotjar up, to let you integrate with more tools, and give you more control over how you access and analyze your data. The Hotjar API is available on Observe and Ask Scale plans. 

See How to Set Up the Hotjar API to get started and Hotjar API Reference for guidance on how to use it.

Benefits of the Hotjar API

Save time on manual work

 Automate processes like user data deletions and survey data exports.

Blend and analyze survey data in less time

Identify trends, issues, and areas of improvement at scale by analyzing survey data on its own or with other sources in your data warehouse.

Visualize survey results

Get stakeholder buy-in for your product improvement ideas by breaking down survey results into easy-to-understand custom reports and data visualizations in your go-to tools.

Save money on third-party connectors

Access survey response data and bulk export it to the tools you need, without having to use a third-party connector.

Automate compliance with privacy laws

Automate user data deletion requests at scale, saving you time and keeping you compliant.