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Introduce your clients to Hotjar and you can earn up to 25% recurring revenue for every Hotjar referral.

Join our partner program and accelerate your business growth.

Get paid for Hotjar sign-ups

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  • We'll pay out a share of the revenue for every client you refer to Hotjar. That share increases depending on the length of the contract:
  1. Earn 15% revenue for sign-ups on a monthly contract
  2. Earn 20% revenue for sign-ups on an annual contract
  3. Earn 25% revenue for sign-ups on a multi-year contract
  • Refer 10 clients and earn $46,680* every year
  • Refer 50 clients and earn $233,400* every year
  • Refer 75 clients and earn $350,100* every year

*Based on the $389 Hotjar Scale Plan

  • We only stop paying you when the customer you've referred stops using Hotjar. That client of yours might stop working with you, but that doesn't mean we'll stop paying you.
  • The partner program is open to anyone who recommends and uses Hotjar to help their clients provide better product experiences
  • Ideally, you'll have a group of clients or an audience who need a solution like Hotjar
  • Plus points if you're a Hotjar advocate, ready to encourage others to sign up for the tool

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Earn up to 25% recurring revenue for every sign up