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Hotjar with HubSpot

Bring behavior insights from Hotjar into HubSpot to deliver a more personal experience. Send session recordings and survey responses to the contact timeline. Create custom lists and trigger automations using Hotjar properties.


Bring behavior insights from Hotjar into HubSpot to deliver a personal experience to both prospects and customers. Now you can give your team the insights they need to better prepare for sales calls (and close deals faster), provide tailored support, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns using more segmentation capabilities and automations.

This integration brings Hotjar’s behavioral insights into HubSpot, so you can:

  • Watch session recordings in your HubSpot contact timeline

  • See survey responses in your HubSpot contact timeline

  • Use Hotjar session data like ‘rage-clicks’, ‘u-turns’, ‘duration on site’, ‘referrer URLs’, and more to create automated, segmented campaigns in HubSpot

Key benefits

Close more deals and offer better support

See what prospects and customers did on your site and learn about their experience directly from HubSpot. Use behavior insights to personalize conversations or follow-ups, and close deals faster.

Trigger marketing flows based on user behavior

Segment marketing automations using a combination of Hotjar and HubSpot properties for a more personalized and conversion-focused experience.

Give your sales team extra insights

Notify the sales team when a recording is available for a highly-engaged prospect, so they can follow up at the right time and with better context.

HubSpot 🤝 Hotjar

Personalize interactions with prospects and customers using Hotjar and HubSpot together 🤝

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