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Hotjar with Kissmetrics

Filter recordings and heatmap data, and survey specific users, with your Kissmetrics Customer ID.


The Hotjar and Kissmetrics integration helps you to gain a more holistic understanding of user behavior and optimize the user experience for their needs. By combining the detailed user behavior data and customer segmentation in Kissmetrics with visual insights and user feedback through Hotjar, you’ll get a more comprehensive understanding of what customers do—and why.

Here’s how it works

  • Filter recordings and heatmap data by Kissmetrics IDs to see how customers interact with your site or product

  • Target surveys and feedback widgets using Kissmetrics IDs so they display to specific customers

Key benefits

Enhanced insights

Drill into Funnel, Activity, or Cohort reports in Kissmetrics to understand how segments of users behaved on your site. Filter recordings in Hotjar by individual customers in those segments to see the behavior behind the numbers. 

Find optimization opportunities

Connect what is happening in the user journey with why by analyzing recordings of users by their Kissmetric ID. See where users are dropping off and find ways to optimize their journey.

More targeted feedback

Get direct feedback about user experience, needs, and frustrations by triggering a survey to a specific customer.

Kissmetrics 🤝 Hotjar

Use the Kissmetrics user ID to filter recordings and target surveys in Hotjar.

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