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Hotjar with Microsoft Teams

Hotjar’s Microsoft Teams integration sends feedback and survey responses directly to your Microsoft Teams channels, so you can hear from your users in the place where your team communicates every day.

Use the Hotjar and MS Teams integration to discuss and action user feedback, fast

The Hotjar and Microsoft Teams integration lets you hear from your users in the place where your team communicates. Send Hotjar Surveys and Feedback responses to Microsoft Teams, enabling you to discover issues before they escalate and discuss user feedback in real time.

Benefits of integrating Hotjar with MS Teams

Uncover new opportunities to improve UX

Get a constant stream of new opportunities delivered to the place where your communication happens by sending user feedback directly to your MS Teams channel of choice.

Identify issues before they become critical

Be notified in MS Teams when users tell you that something’s up, so you can investigate instantly and prioritize a fix.

Keep a pulse on user sentiment

A simple and flexible way to keep on top of how your users feel. Cherry-pick the specific questions with responses you'd like to receive in MS teams, and the channel(s) you’d like to send them to.

MS Teams 🤝 Hotjar

Bring user feedback into team conversations, spot issues quickly, and find new opportunities to improve your UX.

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