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Hotjar + Microsoft Teams

Get notified for new recordings, feedback and survey responses in Microsoft Teams channels.


Hotjar integrated with Microsoft Teams sends recordings, feedback and survey responses directly to your Teams channels, so you can keep a close eye on user experience and feedback in the place where your team communicates

Here’s how it works:

  • Get notified in a Teams channel when new recordings are available for specific segments. You’ll get a link to the recording and info like the user’s time on site, number of pages viewed, referrer, landing and exit pages, as well as if a rage-click or u-turn occurred.

  • Get notified in a Teams channel when there’s a new response to a survey or feedback widget. You’ll see an overview of their responses as well as a link back to Hotjar.

Key benefits

Uncover new opportunities to improve UX

Get a constant stream of new opportunities delivered to the place where your communication happens by getting notified of new recordings and responses in Teams.

Identify issues before they become critical

Be notified in MS Teams when users tell you that something’s up, so you can investigate instantly and prioritize a fix.

Keep a pulse on user sentiment

A simple and flexible way to keep on top of how your users feel and how they’re engaging with your site.

Collaborate on insights

Easily share opinions and open discussions on user behavior or feedback in context.

MS Teams 🤝 Hotjar

Bring user feedback into team conversations, spot issues quickly, and find new opportunities to improve your UX.

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