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Hotjar with Segment

Hotjar’s Segment integration enables you to send User Attributes information over Hotjar’s Identify API using the Segment Identify Spec.

Learn more about your users with Hotjar’s Segment integration

A single user interacts with your product through different channels, like support chats, email newsletters, and your website. 

But even if your organization compiles user data through every touchpoint, you can’t get a true holistic view of your users unless you tie all those data points together. That often means developing complex APIs to connect all your apps—which can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive.

Hotjar makes it easy to manage user data across your organization with our Segment integration

Segment—a customer data platform—lets organizations pull all customer data points together so teams can:

  • Debug and reproduce issues reported by users

  • Increase the lifetime value of customers

  • Respect users’ privacy

And more! Let’s learn how Hotjar’s Segment integration will not only benefit your team, but streamline operations for your entire organization.


To make the most of your Hotjar Segment integration, make sure all the tools your organization uses are integrated with Segment.

Benefits of using Hotjar’s Segment integration

Quick integration

No need to build a custom integration. Integrate Hotjar to Segment using your Hotjar API key and begin sending valuable data to your User Attributes through Segment’s User Identify Spec

Quickly add new apps

Instantly add new apps to Segment without disrupting your current data collection from Hotjar.

Get the full picture

Feel confident in your decision-making. Connect all user data points from different tools within your tech stack to see the full picture.

Make faster decisions

No more jumping from tool to tool trying to piece together user data. Access all data in one place and speed up your decision-making process.

Get the information you need

User Attributes help you segment your users so you can target Surveys and Incoming Feedback to the users you want to hear from.

Better troubleshooting

Filter Session Recordings by specific User Attributes to see the bugs certain users face so you can fix them faster and improve user experience—no need to get your developers involved.

Improve cross-functional team alignment

When everyone is making decisions based on the same dataset you can achieve greater synergy. Keep everyone across different teams on the same page at all times.

Build sticky products

Make product changes based on holistic data to encourage users to become long-term customers with high lifetime values.

Segment 🤝 Hotjar

Streamline your operations and build a user-centric product. Try Hotjar with Segment today!

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