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Hotjar with Slack

Hotjar’s Slack integration pushes Hotjar data into your Slack workspace. Sharing insights has never been easier.

Receive and share insights from Hotjar’s tools, directly in your team’s Slack channel

You have a lot of data coming in from Hotjar: Feedback that gauges users’ emotional reactions, Session Recordings that uncover blockers and other UX issues, and Survey responses telling you how users feel about a test variation.

But how do you share those insights with your team?

The Hotjar Slack integration makes it easy: it's a seamless way to receive and share insights from Feedback, Session Recordings, and Surveys right in your team’s Slack workspace.

#Hotjar integrations make it easy to keep all your teams in the loop in real time

Benefits of integrating Hotjar with Slack

Improve communication with your team

Hotjar’s integration with Slack lets teams discuss insights in the moment, so momentum isn’t lost. You can keep your team on the same page and aware of critical issues.

Cross-functional team alignment

Easily forward important information from your Hotjar Slack channel to other teams to keep everyone in the loop.

Resolve critical issues and bugs faster

Spot and communicate issues right away with the right people, so they get fixed faster.

Only send the data you want

Define which Recordings are sent to Slack through segments and filters, so you aren’t bombarded with (or sharing) irrelevant data. For example, only forward Recordings with rage clicks to Slack to identify areas that are confusing users.

Key insights in one place

Make things easy to find for yourself and your team by keeping the most important product experience insights and conversations in your Slack channel.

Keep your team motivated

Fresh and immediate insight keeps teams motivated and involved throughout the entire project.

Slack 🤝 Hotjar

Improve communication with your team and share product experience insights more easily than ever before.

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