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Hotjar with Trello

Create Trello cards directly from recordings, console errors, highlights, feedback, and survey responses.


The Hotjar and Trello integration helps you to turn insights into action and streamline team collaboration. Spot a bug or an optimization opportunity in a recording, survey, or feedback response? Log it in Trello with a click, providing devs with all the context they need to prioritize a fix or implement an improvement.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Trello card from a recording in Hotjar. It’ll automatically include a link to your recording for quick access—and quicker fixes.

  • Create a Trello card from a console error in recordings. Your engineers will have the error information they need to understand what’s happening under the hood, including a link to the recording.

  • Create a Trello card from a heatmap or recording highlight. Triage issues fast with a link to the highlight as well as session and heatmap details, and the associated label.

  • Create a Trello card from a feedback or survey response. Your team can view the full response, the URL where users left the feedback, and a link to the corresponding recording (if available).

Key benefits

Easily turn insights into action

Spot an issue or optimization opportunity in a recording or response? Create a Trello card from the recording in a click—no more manually sharing information.

Improve collaboration and speed up fixes

Developers receive comprehensive context with relevant links, errors, and user feedback automatically embedded in a card—faster understanding means faster fixes.

Stay organized

Assign your cards to the relevant Trello board so everything is in the right place for your team and collaboration runs silky smooth.

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Turn insights into actions

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