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Legal / Policies

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Do Not Track


Do you want to tell Hotjar not to collect your data?

Hotjar’s behavior analytics software is designed to give website owners an aggregated view of their users’ behavior while browsing their site. This provides website owners with the insights needed to improve the overall experience for their users. Hotjar is not designed to track individual users.

At Hotjar we take privacy rights seriously. Any data our service captures about you is processed and stored in a way that is designed to protect you and your information.

It is the responsibility of the website owner to obtain consent to collect and/or process your data when browsing on their site and to allow you to withdraw that consent in accordance with data privacy laws.

That said, we know and respect that some people might prefer to have Hotjar not process their information across any site on the web and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a ‘Do Not Track’ request to our servers. We've included a detailed guide on how to do this below.

This method involves changing a setting in your browser. This means it is not specific to Hotjar and will not be undone when you clear cookies.

Before collecting your data, Hotjar always checks to see if you have enabled the ‘Do Not Track’ setting in your browser. If you wish to prevent Hotjar from collecting your data, as well as other services that check for this setting in advance, you can do so by following the instructions below.

Important to note:

  • You will need to take this same action for all browsers that you use where you do not want Hotjar or similar services to collect your data.

  • The do not track setting is respected by Hotjar but not all other tracking services do the same.

  • Enabling the do not track browser setting may also block some other non-similar services.

  • This setting will not be affected by deleting cookies.

  • The do not track setting does not work in all browsers and may be impacted by future browser updates. If in doubt, check back here for updates.

How to install the Do Not Track header

Because modern browsers are frequently updated with new menus and interfaces, we recommend following the guides provided by each browser creator for the most up-to-date information.

Please follow the link for your preferred browser below to find the current guide!