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Hotjar use cases for Product

Why Product Managers love Hotjar.
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Product managers use Hotjar to...

  • Understand what causes trends within their products

  • Influence their decisions, then prepare and communicate hypotheses with confidence

  • Reactively and proactively validate (or invalidate) ideas alongside other research methods

  • Prioritize tasks and validate their findings

  • Combine multiple data sources to build a complete picture of the product experience

  • Use data to influence product management decisions

  • See what’s working (and what’s not) in website designs

  • Bring the voice of the customer into the prioritization process

  • Validate changes they make to their products

How product managers use Hotjar Session Recordings


Product experience

During experiments, Session Recordings help you spot issues and understand why variants win or lose.


Understand user behavior

Understand how users behave and interact with your product, and why.


Empathize with users

Develop empathy for your users by seeing how they experience your product.

Understand your customers better than ever before


Hotjar’s powerful tools help product managers with their daily workflow to formulate hypotheses, run experiments, and make informed decisions. You’ll know exactly which tasks to prioritize and why to prioritize them.

With Hotjar, you no longer need to guess why your users behave in a certain way. Tools like Session Recordings, Heatmaps, Surveys, and our Incoming Feedback widget eliminate the guesswork and build a complete picture, so you feel confident that you’re making the right decisions to delight your customers.

Whether you’re starting a new project or are creating new features for an existing product, Hotjar can help!

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