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Making a business case for Hotjar

As a product manager, you’re constantly under pressure to make the right decisions about improving your product: where can you have the most impact?

Then, you have to be able to justify the decisions you make: how does each change to your product help your users? And align with organizational-level goals: how do product improvements affect business?

Hotjar can help you achieve all these things!
No credit card required
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Why Product Managers need Hotjar

  • Understand which areas of your product to focus on

  • Understand why users are taking certain actions

  • Identify behavior trends across different segments

  • Add multiple workflow insights with one single tool

  • Achieve a more nuanced understanding of variant performance

  • Ensure you work proactively, as well as reactively

  • Improve your ability to get organizational-level buy-in

  • Identify improvements across specific layout elements

  • Collaborate more effectively with your team

Why your boss should care

Understanding how Hotjar will help is just the first step. Now you need to convince your manager Hotjar is the right solution for your team.

Here are five key points to share with your manager about how Hotjar helps at the highest level:

  • Allocate company resources more effectively (time and budget)
  • Improve communication across your team and up to the executive level, through better product workflow management
  • Encourage collaboration across different disciplines
  • Design goals that fit your product most effectively
  • Trial a new tool without risk (Hotjar is currently running a risk-free trial offer that doesn’t require a credit card. We also have a ‘free forever’ option.)

Ready to get buy-in? Here’s a handy email template

👇👇👇 Use this email template to sell Hotjar to your manager 👇👇👇

Dear [name],

I’ve identified Hotjar as a tool to help us become more profitable at [company name].

Hotjar will help us focus resources and budgets in the right areas, and we can try it risk-free on a trial offer without providing a credit card.

In my role as Product Manager, I understand how vital it is to prioritize in the most effective and efficient way. Hotjar will help me to do this more effectively than I’m able to do right now with my current tech stack.

In business terms, Hotjar will help [company name]:

Gain much deeper insights into why users make certain decisions

Optimize tests more efficiently and build better features

Delight our customers and reduce churn

Encourage increased LTV through better focus

Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. I’m encouraged by the potential for Hotjar within our company and the benefits it could bring us. I look forward to your feedback!

[Insert closing wording/signature]

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