Stay on top of your user metrics

Use your Dashboard to get a high-level view of user data and spot issues before they become serious, identify trends, and find deeper insights.

See what’s happening in your product at a glance with all key metrics on one page.

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Find out why visitors don’t convert

Analyzing heaps of data every day to understand why visitors don’t become customers? Compare user metrics over time to uncover their issues

Quickly check the pulse of users

Looking to get quick feedback from your users? Check out user sentiment on your Dashboard to see how your users really feel about your product.

See if new updates improved the UX

Just released a major UI update? Check out the rage click and u-turn trends in your Dashboard to see how users react to the changes.

Get access to your Dashboard

Start using your Dashboard and discover meaningful user insights instantly. Dashboard is free for all Hotjar users.

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All user metrics in one place

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Four tools available on every Hotjar plan

Combine the Dashboard with Hotjar’s four main tools for the best experience.


A few more reasons to try Hotjar’s Dashboard

Measure the impact of issues

Get the numbers and discover how many users are experiencing the same issue.

Find out your users’ preferences

Uncover which browser, device, and operating system your users prefer.

Compare metrics over time

Did the user sentiment change in the last month? Apply the date filter and find out the reason why!

Explore user behavior on top pages

See the top pages users land on, leave, and spend the most time, and dig deeper into their behavior.

Discover opportunities easily

Keep track of user experience trends with data updated in real-time.

Monitor everything in one place

Save time and effort by consulting your Dashboard to get a high-level overview before you start diving deeper.