Snip, sort, and share key user insights

With all of your meaningful insights organized in one place, you can spot new product opportunities, validate assumptions, and get buy-in from stakeholders who need some extra persuasion.


Extract and save key insights

Create highlights to extract the most relevant user insights and filter out the noise.

Concentrate on the most important parts of a heatmap by creating a highlight of the user behavior that stands out.

Add context to bug fixes

Spot a bug in your product? Quickly create a heatmap or recording highlight of the issue and attach it to the related development task—adding more context for a fix.

Identify improvements & opportunities

Is user engagement unexpectedly low after a feature release? Watch how users interact with the feature and create highlights of issues they encounter.

Build your case & get buy-in

Group highlights into a collection to paint a clear picture of user behavior to support your case for product improvements—making stakeholder buy-in a breeze.

Highlights is the tool I needed in order to convey what I'm seeing to busy executives and technical leads from whom I need buy-in. It drives near immediate understanding and clarity around what I'm asking for and why. The Collections view basically creates a visual report of all the evidence I have for a given case. Here's how much this hurts (one Highlight); click on the rest of these if you can stomach it (a Collection of Highlights)
John Gilmore
Sales Ops Manager at ClassHero

A few more reasons to use Highlights

Collaborate in context

Add comments to highlights about the user behavior you’re seeing and @mention a teammate to loop them in on your findings.

Clearly categorize highlights

Use easy to recognize labels like 🐞 ⚠️ 😕 😡 🎉 🏆 to categorize your highlights—making them easier to sort and understand at a glance.

Download recordings & heatmap highlights

Quickly share user insights with your team by downloading recordings highlights in MP4 & heatmap highlights as PNGs.

A single source of truth

Save & organize highlights in one central place, eliminating 3rd party tools and making insights easier to find.

Easily find your insights

Sort and filter collections and highlights by date, author, source, or label so you can quickly find the insights you need.

Make insights more accessible

Reduce user research silos and make insights more accessible to your team so they don’t double up on research that’s already been carried out.

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